Senior Legal Counsel at ESA

Marco Ferrazzani is Senior Legal Counsel at the European Space Agency, based at its headquarters in Paris, France.
His broad policy and advisory work cover European public institutional matters as well as legally structured instruments for the funding of European space programmes and in-space operations, providing a full range of advice in public, private and financial law.
As former ESA’s Legal Counsel until 2022 he has been the advisor to the ESA Director General and to the ESA Council for all institutional decisions and legal matters, managing a team of 20 international lawyers qualified in all areas relevant to space programmes, including the interpretation of ESA Convention, Regulations, national legislations, legal, policy and regulatory instruments to develop the space sector.
Marco led ESA negotiations of international space agreements, advising on landmark space projects in cooperation with governments and institutions, such as NASA and other space agencies and operators, preparing and submitting decisions for the approval of space programmes and related international Agreements.
Marco has been acting in space advocacy and representing European sector interests at international conferences, such as IAC, UNIDROIT or the UNCOPUOS.
Marco Ferrazzani holds a law doctor degree from University of Naples and attended post graduate law courses at Harvard and Georgetown University. He authored over 100 conference and journal publications and is regularly invited to panel discussions and academic lectures on the range of laws applicable to Outer space.
Board Member of European Centre for Space Law (ECSL), of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and for the German Journal of Air and Space Law.
He has been awarded the honorific title of Cavaliere (Knight) by the President of the Italian Republic. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.


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