Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) issues were again in the spotlight on the very last day of the Paris Arbitration Week (PAW). A panel discussion was organized by Fieldfisher on “The power of “proportionality” – a sleeping giant of a concept in investment arbitration ”, with Lucas Bastin KC (Essex Court Chambers), Jackie McArthur (Essex Court Chambers), Alexandra Underwood (Fieldfisher) as speakers, and Tracey Ann Wright (Fieldfisher) as moderator. The panel touched upon a range of issues relating to proportionality, including its emerging status in investment law, its influence as well as its origins and future, as summarized below.

Read the full article by Natalia Rodriguez Alvarez, Sabina Nurbagandova, Antoine Cottin (Assistant Editor for Europe) (Laborde Law) and Mihaela Tarnovschi (ICC International Court of Arbitration), published in Kluwer Arbitration Blog, on April 4 2023, in PDF.