March 28th -  April 1st 2022

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The key industry event hosted in the home of international arbitration connecting a diverse and dynamic professional community.

Paris truly is the home of international arbitration.

The unique combination of institutional tradition, academic and legal avant-gardism and strategic geographic positioning makes Paris the preferred arbitration seat worldwide to local and foreign parties alike. It has also made Paris home to the largest and most diverse community of arbitration practitioners and service providers worldwide.

At the same time, international arbitration has become part of the Paris DNA and a vibrant testimony to Paris’ historic role as one of the globe’s most important centers for the development of international affairs.

Paris Arbitration Week celebrates this by bringing together the international arbitration community during a dynamic week of academic debate and professional exchange in a friendly atmosphere in the beauty of the City of Lights. With over 35 official professional and academic events, two official social gatherings accessible to all public and over 1000 participants from all over the world, the week is designed to facilitate maximum participation and provide optimal value to those taking part in it.

On behalf of Paris Arbitration Week’s co-organizers – Paris Home of International Arbitration, the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the Comité Français de l’Arbitrage and the Association Française d’Arbitrage:

Bienvenus à Paris / Welcome to Paris!


  • Sabrina Aïnouz
  • Alexander G. Fessas
  • Clément Fouchard
  • Raphaël Kaminsky
  • Ioana Knoll-Tudor
  • Yasmin Mohammad
  • Marily Paralika
  • Claire Pauly
  • Benjamin Siino

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#PAW is the "most attended event" for arbitration practitioners from around the world.


Arbitration practitioners over 5 days


Arbitration practitioners at the PAW Opening Cocktail


Arbitration practitioners at the Young Arbitration Cruise


Official thought leadership events


Social events including the PAW opening cocktail, the GAR Awards and the Young Arbitration Cruise


Throughout the week, a range of events are organised by different hosts. Only events organised by PAW’s partners and sponsors will appear on the PAW calendar. All relevant information about each event will be indicated in the PAW calendar. Links to the host websites or email addresses will enable you to register for an event, the great majority of which are free of charge. Where an event requires payment, this can be made via the host website or email address when registering for the event.

Please note that events which are by “invitation-only” will not feature on the PAW calendar. This includes events such as , for example, the meeting of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR. For “invitation-only” events, please contact the relevant host organiser directly for any information concerning that event.

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