Where can I purchase a ticket for the PAW2022?

There are no general tickets available for PAW2022. As events are organised, further details will be posted on the PAW website (​https://parisarbitrationweek.com/​). Each participant will be required to register for individual events using the sign-up links that will be available on the website. The number of participants may be limited for each event. We, therefore, invite you to check our website regularly and register for the events you wish to attend as soon as they become available in order to secure your place. ​For assistance with individual events, we invite you to contact the event organisers directly.

Are the PAW2022’s events free of charge?

The large majority of events are free of charge – exceptions include the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) event, the Young Arbitration Cruise event and the ICC European Conference on International Arbitration.

How can I or my firm organise an event during the PAW2022?

The only way to organise an official PAW event and have your logo included on our website is to become a partner. The classic partnership option costs 3,500€ and allows you to organise up to 2 events in the official calendar. You would also benefit from having your logo displayed on our website and at the opening cocktail, as well as at least 2 announcements on social media and press/photographer coverage of your event(s). We invite you to contact us if you require further details.

Does the PAW2022 provide partners with a conference space to organise events?

There is no general conference space booked for PAW2022. As a partner, you would be welcome to host an event at your own offices, or you could also organise a different venue should you prefer. A large majority of the events that have been organised thus far are being held at the organising partners’ offices.

Does a PAW2022 have a general theme?

The topic is entirely up to you, as long as it falls under the general theme of arbitration and dispute resolution. We cannot, however, guarantee exclusivity of a particular topic. Naturally, the sooner we receive the details and registration link, the greater visibility your event will have.