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Rue du Commerce 4 Rhône 8 Building, Second Floor
1204 Geneva

Aceris Law is a boutique international arbitration law firm. It provides the highest-quality legal representation for complex international commercial arbitrations, investor-State arbitrations and international construction disputes, combining an outstanding track record with capped, competitive legal fees. It covers all jurisdictions, arbitral institutions and industry sectors, working in diverse languages for clients throughout the globe.

Aceris Law ensures:

- Excellence in legal analysis
- Insight into winning case strategies and arguments
- Mastery of all procedural techniques used in international arbitration and mediation
- Award-winning arbitration legal representation of the highest quality before diverse arbitral tribunals
- Fierce and uncompromising representation of our clients’ interests

While also offering:

- The best value available for the highest-quality arbitration legal representation
- A proven track record for large and complex arbitrations, facing the world’s largest firms
- A trial period for new clients to test the excellence of our work
- Multilingual legal teams
- Constant accessibility by clients from all jurisdictions (in person and by videoconference)

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