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Via Barnaba Oriani, 34
00197 Rome

AIA-Arbit-40 is the association for young professionals, academics and students who have an interest in arbitration and ADR and are linked to Italy.

The goal of AIA-Arbit-40 is to provide the future generation of Italian and Italy-friendly lawyers with a forum where to meet, network, and exchange ideas and professional experiences.

As the name suggests, this group was created in 2019 under the auspices of both AIA and ArbIt, the two main Italian associations devoted to the promotion of arbitration and the culture of ADR in Italy.

AIA-ArbIt-40 is based on principles of transparency, independence, inclusiveness, and diversity (including, but not limited to, gender and regional diversity). AIA-ArbIt-40 is a signatory of the Arbitration Pledge (Equal Representation in Arbitration). Its membership is free of charge.

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