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The Chamber of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Ciesp/Fiesp ("Chamber") was founded in May 1995, by the Center of Industries of São Paulo (Ciesp) and by the Federation of Industries of São Paulo (Fiesp). The Chamber aims at providing administration services of conciliation, mediation and arbitration proceedings involving contract-related disputes. Its organization and management have full autonomy and independence. One of the leaders in the Brazilian market, the Chamber has been supporting the consolidation of the adequate dispute resolution methods.

The Ciesp/Fiesp Chamber of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration has been a key dispute resolution institution with a positive impact on both the society and industry sectors. The Chamber is presided over by former justices and former chief-justices of the Brazilian Supreme Court (the Federal Supreme Court, or STF) Sydney Sanches and Ellen Gracie, and draws upon a list of arbitrators and mediators made up of renowned jurists and court judges. Such extrajudicial dispute resolution system has already successfully resolved more than one hundred cases in the past years.

Because it affords a faster dispute resolution method, the Chamber meets companies' needs by reducing proceeding time and costs, and contributes to reducing the number of cases brought before courts.

Given the value and efficiency provided by conciliation, mediation and arbitration, which are widely adopted throughout the world, these dispute resolution methods have increasingly expanded in Brazil.

The State of São Paulo industry sector has promoted these methods with an eye to improving competitiveness in our business environment. To best serve the increasing demand, we are investing in new facilities and in continuous training programs for our team, by offering a suitable structure for the proper use of these dispute resolution methods.

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