#PAW2024 / 18 – 22 March 2024

Official PAW Calendar

1- Only #PAW2024 Partners’ Events will be included in the PAW Calendar. If you wish to become a Partner, please register directly on the PAW website (from mid-November) or contact us @contact@parisarbitrationweek.com.

2- The PAW Calendar will soon be available on the PAW website. Please note that the PAW website allows Partners to create, manage and promote their Event(s) and that it is currently being updated with new features and is expected to be available by mid-November 2023 (stay tuned!).

3- Partners may organise (or co-organise) up to two Events, whether virtual, in person or hybrid.  We encourage Partners to co-organise Events with other Partners. If both co-organiser would like to appear on the PAW Calendar, they must each become a PAW Partner. 

4- The following information will appear on the PAW Calendar:

  • name of the Event
  • name of the organising Partner(s)
  • type of Event (in person / virtual / hybrid)
  • venue of the Event (if in-person Event)
  • time slot of the Event
  • list of speakers
  • list of attendees, once participants have registered to attend

5- Only PAW Partners can use Paris Arbitration Week branding in marketing materials for the promotion of their Events.

Duration of Events

6- As a general rule, Events should not exceed a maximum of 2 hours each.

7- Events may overlap but note that participants will not be able to register for more than one academic Event held at the same time.

Content, Format and Representation

8- Partners are free to choose the content and format of their Event(s), but academic Events should relate to arbitration or dispute resolution in general.

9- The #PAW2024 Organising Committee cannot guarantee exclusivity of a selected topic. Should an Event with the same topic already appear in the Calendar, the PAW2024 Organising Committee encourages Partners to pair up and co-organise a single Event on this topic.

PAW and Partners’ Commitments

10- #PAW2024 is committed to diversity, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and innovation.

11- Partners commit to being inclusive and selecting speakers with diverse profiles.

12- Partners also commit to environmental sustainability by, among other initiatives, using their best efforts to reduce or eliminate waste (badges, paper, single-use plastic, etc.) at their Event(s) and more generally to adopt sustainability measures (such as resorting to local food networks, opting for green deliveries, ensuring recycling, using alternatives to disposable packaging, etc.) and/or to offset their environmental footprint.

Access and Cost

13- Events are in general free but Partners are free to charge a registration fee for their Event(s).

14- Events in the PAW Calendar shall be open to the public, subject to online registration, space limitations and/or registration fees, if applicable.

15- Partners can organise guestlist-only Events, in which case this should be specified in the PAW Calendar.


16- PAW photographers may cover certain in-person or hybrid Events. Pictures taken by PAW photographers will be used for social media coverage throughout the week and may be posted and archived on the PAW website.

Limitation of Liability

17- The PAW Organising Committee is not responsible for the content or organisation of the Partners’ Events and shall not be liable to any person for any act or omission in connection with such Events.

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