Alexander Blumrosen is the founder of Polaris Law, a French law firm specialized in international litigation and arbitration of commercial disputes, and more generally helping clients do business in France.

He has devoted his career to facilitating and intermediating transatlantic business relations for corporate clients and sovereign entities, with a particular focus on technology, privacy, e-commerce, Intellectual property and international encryption régimes.

​With more than 30 years of proven advocacy experience in the courts of France and the United States, and in arbitration tribunals around the world, Alexander Blumrosen advises on all types of complex litigation and investigations, while interpreting for our foreign clients the law, procedure and culture of international litigation including:

Representing parties in litigation, including internal and regulatory investigations by foreign authorities
Appointments as sole or party-appointed arbitrator
Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in France
Obtaining evidence through international judicial assistance treaties between France and the United States
Data protection compliance and monitoring (including in litigation and arbitration)
Expert consultations and testimony on French and US law and procedure in litigation and arbitration


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