Céline LEROY

PARTNER / Damages Assessment

Céline Leroy is a partner at Eight Advisory, heading up the Financial Expertise - Dispute Resolution department.

She has been providing financial expertise for over twenty years in the areas of both financial analysis and investigation in public and private sector (PwC) and as an AMF expert in financial fraud and market regulation.

Céline intercedes to provide a quantified and evidence-based assessment of damages to clients and supports them in the definition of a strategic approach (review of relevant financial arguments and supporting documentation, appraisal of damages, assessment sensitivity etc.).

She has assisted clients in a wide range of areas including contracting claims, post-acquisition disputes, distressed company disputes, financial investigations, securities disputes and regulatory inquiries.

Céline works across a variety of sectors, including Transport and Logistics, Utilities, Energy and Petro-chemistry, Construction, Telecommunications and IT, Media and Entertainment, Public Sector, Real Estate and Retail.

Céline supports clients in trial and arbitral proceedings as well as in alternative dispute resolution schemes, in which she is placed to the fore and is called on to provide a robust oral or written defence of her positions.

She has been involved in cross-examination and hot-tubbing procedures, acting as a witness expert, inter alia, for the ICC and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), in Lausanne.

Céline has acted as legal expert at the Cour d’Appel de Paris, a registered arbitrator (CMAP), a chartered accountant, certified fraud examiner, and expert at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. She has also acted as an independent expert appointed by both parties.

In addition to her work with Eight Advisory, Céline also contributes to several think tanks and has authored several articles.

Céline LEROY

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