Clarissa COLEMAN

Head of International Arbitration

Clarissa Coleman is Head of International Arbitration and a partner in the Commercial Litigation and Disputes group in the firm's London office, which was named “Arbitration Team of the Year” at the British Legal Awards 2022.

Clarissa advises corporates and individuals on multi-jurisdictional disputes and arbitration, enforcement strategies, reputation and crisis management, internal and external investigations, ethics and governance.

Clarissa has extensive experience (private practice and in-house) of regulatory investigations and claims relating to private equity structures, fee agreements, shareholder agreements, failed joint ventures and contractual disputes.

Clarissa has been listed as a leading lawyer for the UK in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Who's Who Legal: Investigations in Conjunction with Global Investigations Review and listed in the 8th and 9th edition of the Expert Guides Women in Business Law as one of 9 litigation experts for the UK.

Clarissa COLEMAN

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International Insurance – Why is arbitration for you?
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