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Xavier Leynaud acts as an expert witness involved in international construction arbitration cases and as an independent party expert for French civil law cases.

Xavier his now registered as an "Expert judiciaire près les cours administratives d'appel de Paris et de Versailles" in the Delay Analysis category: E.11.2 : "Analyse de retard et mise en œuvre d'outils de planification",

His firm, Leynaud & Associés, specializes in delay analysis, quantum and project management services. Xavier’s areas of expertise include oil & gas, construction, energy, transportation, electrical distribution, water treatment, waste management. He founded Leynaud & Associés in 2015 after a successful career consulting for industrial projects and complex urban developments when he served as business unit director of a project management consulting firm. He also has experience in planning and load management as director at Alstom Power Hydro Europe.

Xavier was graduated in 2017 from the DU International Construction Contract of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas. Always seeking new challenges, Xavier has recently been published as a co-author for “Multi-Dimensional Project Breakdown Structures – The Secret to Successful Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration.” Xavier is DRBF Region 2 Treasurer and AACE International vice-president, French section. Xavier initiated and led the translation in French of the SCL “Delay & Disruption Protocol version 2”. This translation has been published in December 2018. Revision 2 of this translation has been published in 2022.

His areas of expertise: Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Transportation, Electrical Distribution, Water Treatment, Waste Management


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Wed. 20 March 17:00 - 19:00
AIPA roundtable – Innovative Proposals: Case management and expert evidence
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Fri. 22 March 11:00 - 12:30
Concurrent Delay: Who has the fairest approach?
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