The PAW website offers a platform to manage registrations to PAW Events, which can be “Open” (without validation of registrations) or “By request” (with approval of registrations), whether in-person, online or hybrid.

Why organise my PAW Event on the PAW website?

As a PAW Partner, you are entitled to use the website to organise your PAW Events.

Events organised on the website offer exclusive advantages:

My PAW Calendar 

All registrations to Events managed on the PAW website can be accessed at any time by Participants in their PAW account, with a map showing the location of the Events. By using the PAW website, you reduce the risk of a no-show by allowing participants to include your Events in their PAW Calendar.

PAW Pass – New for 2024

The PAW Pass is a unique QR code that can be downloaded into the Apple Wallet and Google Pay applications. It gives participants access to all in-person Events managed by the PAW website, to which they are registered. 

Make your life (and your participants’ life) easier by using the PAW website!

PAW Check-in – New for 2024

The PAW Check-in, available on tablets and smartphones, allows you to manage access to your Event and keep a live and up-to-date list of the Participants, available on your Partner account.

PAW Networking – New for 2024

By activating this function when creating your Event on the PAW website, you give the possibility to registered Participants to your Event to appear on the page of your Event, and to see the list of other Participants who have also given their consent. 

Participants to your Events will love it!

How organise my PAW Event on the PAW website?

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