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The EU was created to achieve the strengthening of economies of its Members States and to contribute to the protection of its citizens. The economic and political stability and development of the EU and its Member States depends to a large extent on offering a stable and foreseeable legal framework for domestic and foreign investors.
In addition, access to an efficient and effective dispute settlement system is an important and integral element of the Rule of Law within and outside of the EU and its Member States.
EFILA complements these endeavours by providing as a Brussels-based think-tank a platform for a fact- and merit-based discussion on pertaining to all relevant issues associated with the EU’s investment law and arbitration policy.
To this end, EFILA regularly organizes events such as the Annual Conference and the Annual Lecture.
Together with the Queen Mary University of London, EFILA publishes the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review. The first legal journal that is exclusively dedicated to the EU’s investment law and policy agenda.
EFILA also publishes papers on relevant topics of European investment law and policy and participates in public consultations organized by the EU, OECD, ICSID etc.
EFILA also actively participates as an Observer in the UNCITRAL WG III on ISDS reforms.

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Mon. 18 March 15:00 - 18:30
Human Rights, ESG and Civil Society in Investment Arbitration
#Investment arbitration #Africa #Americas #Asia #CEE/CIS/Russia #Europe #Oceania #Space #World

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