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Junction is a modern way of doing law. We provide you with a bespoke team of first-tier lawyers according to the nature and complexity of your case or project. We tackle the challenges of the complex and demanding EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. We go beyond your expectations to offer you tailor-made solutions and client-centered services.

Junction is a unique alliance of independent lawyers and boutique law firms who join their know-how and resources to provide the highest level of legal support to international actors at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
We are a network of multicultural lawyers with the broadest experience and highest recognition in our fields (Projects, Construction, Energy, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Regulatory, Energy Transition, and ESG & CSR). We combine international expertise with local knowledge.

Being at the junction between in-house counsel and external legal advisors, our founders have the unique experience of knowing their clients from the inside. Being at the junction of the continents around the Mediterranean, our savvy lawyers have been working intensively in various parts of the world such as France, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Greece, and also Senegal, Australia, Canada, Russia and the United-Kingdom. They have grasped the best standards by representing multinationals, governments and high-net-worth individuals in multi-billion projects and disputes. Their understanding of the political, cultural, and economic environments is critical to the success of businesses operating in the EMEA region.

We have a global outreach. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our Clients. We deliver the best client-oriented service in a nimble, tailored and cost effective manner. Our commitment to our clients is success, transparency and accessibility.

Host Speakers

Marcus-Okoko & Co.
Partner, Head of Arbitration & Litigation
Partner, Head of Project & Infrastructure
Ghjuvana LUIGI
Project & Project Finance Partner

Guest Speakers

Executive Director of Contracts and Claims at Orascom Construction
Orascom Construction
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