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The Juris-Intelligence initiative is part of a resolutely forward-looking vision of a dynamic, prosperous French-speaking Africa that is open for business. At the heart of this policy, which is widely understood, lies the deep-seated conviction that access to quality legal information and thought is an essential driving force in promoting an environment conducive to business development.

Access to quality legal documentation is much more than a simple necessity; it is a powerful lever for transformation on the continent! It helps to boost investor confidence, guarantee corporate responsibility and strengthen legal certainty.

Our aim is therefore to build a bridge between the world of law and the world of business, by highlighting how a sound understanding of the legal framework can stimulate economic development, encourage investment and foster the creation of successful businesses in French-speaking Africa.

Our vision in promoting African business law is to modernise and energise the legal sector in Africa in order to make business law more accessible, effective and adapted to contemporary needs.

Our mission is to facilitate access to quality legal expertise, simplify processes and foster innovation in African business law, while supporting sustainable economic and commercial development on the continent.

Our values are based on a commitment to excellence, accessibility, fairness and integrity, while encouraging innovation and collaboration.

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Fri. 22 March 16:00 - 18:00
Les Enjeux Actuels de l'Arbitrage dans l'Espace OHADA : Perspectives et Défis
#Energy & Natural Ressources & Mining #Investment arbitration #Africa

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