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8th Floor, Federation of Saudi Chambers Building, 7982 King Fahd Branch Road - Al Mutamarat
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Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) is not-for-profit organization established by a Saudi minister council decision in 2014 to administer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures in commercial disputes where parties agree to refer their disputes to SCCA arbitration and Mediation. all in accordance with regulations in force and judicial principles of civil and commercial procedure.

An independent well-known foreign & national expertise Board of Directors is formed by a high order from the Prime Minister. All Board members may not hold a government position.
The SCCA ADR services, including Arbitration and Mediation, are provided in accordance with international and professional standards in Arabic and English.

SCCA also provides customers with professional institutional services by a staff trained to international best practice standards and the latest ADR technology methods and facilities–all contributing to the rapid and effective settlement of domestic and international commercial disputes.

To be the preferred ADR choice in the region by 2030.

SCCA is dedicated to providing professional, transparent and efficient ADR services. SCCA services are inspired by Sharia principles and meet international standards. SCCA shall contribute in enhancing ADR awareness in order to create safe investment environment that attracts both domestic and foreign investments.

• Independence
• Neutrality
• Integrity
• Transparency
• Privacy
• Responsibility


• Time and Cost Efficient Dispute Resolution with Flexible Procedures
ADR is quicker than going to courts to adjudicate disputes. One of the most important priorities for the SCCA is to provide a user-focused environment with clear, fast and flexible procedures. SCCA, therefore, uses the latest case management technology in Arabic and English. Case management services are provided by staff trained to international best practice standards.

• Promoting Investments
Arbitration is considered the preferred method for dispute resolution for investors. SCCA’s goal is to create a safe environment that attracts both foreign and domestic investment to the Kingdom by eliminating obstacles and difficulties related to ADR between investing parties.

• Building National ADR Capacities and Enhancing the Local ADR Industry.
SCCA is developing national ADR capacities by providing ADR services, legal training and awareness events including meetings to connect people interested in the field of ADR with local and international experts.

• Confidentiality and Privacy
Users of ADR services enjoy the advantage of private and confidential deliberation in all ADR procedures. SCCA Rules further emphasize the protection of confidentiality and privacy within its procedures.

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