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Artistry and reason in international arbitration.

Wordstone Dispute Resolution AARPI is a boutique law firm dedicated to international arbitration. It is committed to delivering legal representation of the highest professional quality in the context of complex international disputes, including commercial arbitrations, investor State arbitrations and arbitration-related litigation.

With a particular focus on arbitration proceedings involving States and State-owned entities, our team has played a pivotal role in numerous landmark arbitration cases over the decades. Wordstone operates globally, spanning across diverse jurisdictions, arbitral institutions, and industry sectors, providing specialized services in multiple languages.


Embodying independence, strength, reliability and creativity, we deliver exceptional dispute resolution services on a global scale.

Our boutique practice is powered by a diverse and technically gifted team that complement one another – acting with diligence and a quiet determination to craft compelling cases that effectively navigate critical situations.

Through our unique structure, we are able to foster inclusivity, flexibility and collaboration, allowing us to challenge expectations and apply original thinking to all matters.

With our partners and senior team ever-present, we provide hands-on expertise across each and every relationship, focusing on providing a truly client-centric experience.


At Wordstone, we embrace a distinctive philosophy that shapes our approach to legal practice. Grounded in principles of flexibility, independence, innovation and client-centric service, our philosophy reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled expertise in the field of international arbitration.

1. Flexibility and excellence: Adapting to an increasingly challenging environment.

In an increasingly challenging environment, clients look to us to serve them in ways that are faster, sharper and leaner, without compromising excellence. We strive to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to their evolving needs.

2. Thinking outside the box: Proposing innovative solutions in complex arbitration cases.

We pride ourselves on cultivating innovative thinking that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Our commitment to finding unique and creative solutions in crafting cases sets us apart, ensuring a strategic and forward-looking approach to address the intricacies of each case.

3. Personalized engagement: A hands-on approach for client-centric excellence.

With the partners and senior team ever-present, we provide hands-on expertise across each and every relationship, focusing on providing a truly client-centric experience. Our team combines outstanding legal and problem-solving skills with in-depth industry knowledge and excellent advocacy.

4. Independence : operating in a conflict-free platform.

We understand the critical importance of avoiding conflicts of interest, and our stringent conflict-check processes are designed to guarantee that our clients' interests remain paramount. By upholding a conflict-free platform, we uphold the highest standards of ethical practice, allowing our clients to have confidence in our dedication to their unique legal needs and objectives.

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