Head of Disputes

As a graduate of the Sorbonne Law School in private international law and international trade law, I am currently an Attorney at Law admitted to the Paris Bar, with experience in business law, dispute resolution and a strong international focus.

Born in Lebanon and raised in both Lebanon and France, I’ve studied in Beirut, Paris and London, and I have always had a passion for law and international collaboration, as well as for the endless possibilities — and complexity — arising out of transnational activity. I view my work as an opportunity to build cultural connections and help businesses grow.

I’ve advised and represented clients based in France, the European Union, the Principality of Monaco, the US, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa in a variety of matters.

Specifically, I practice litigation and dispute resolution in civil, commercial and criminal courts, as well as arbitral tribunals and mediation. My expertise covers disputes arising from international trade or involving public entities, international debt collection, foreign judgements enforcement and complex court or arbitral proceedings.

I also help my clients leverage legal techniques to inform decision-making and growth strategy, particularly in contractual negotiations, operational business strategy and potential or existing disputes in France, but also in the OHADA area (West and Central Africa), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the Mediterranean Basin.


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