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Audit Duprey Fekl is a leading law firm which brings together a top-notch team centered around three renowned partners with recognized and complementary expertise. It provides both advisory and litigation services and combines a strategic approach with a legal analysis of clients' international projects and disputes. The firm's team shares the belief that in a global economy marked by protean and growing tensions, anticipation, strategy, and efficient recourse to the rules of law are more essential now than ever.

The main areas of expertise of the firm are:

- International Arbitration: Our lawyers have extensive experience and act both as counsel and arbitrators in commercial and investment arbitrations, in ad hoc proceedings, or in arbitrations conducted under the aegis of major international institutions. Audit Duprey Fekl has been featured in the category “Strong Reputation” in the Décideurs Juridiques 2022 and 2021 International Arbitration rankings.

- Litigation before State courts: The firm develops and implements litigation strategies before courts of the French judicial and administrative orders. It also coordinates complex and cross-border disputes pending before State courts or arbitral tribunals in different jurisdictions.

- Mediation: Our lawyers believe in the relevance of mediation to secure global and effective outcomes to disputes. They regularly act both as counsel and mediators in national and international mediation proceedings, whether ad hoc or within the framework of mediation centers.

- Enforcement of judgments or arbitral awards: The firm advises its clients in relation to the search for assets and assists them in recovering their debts.

- State activities: The firm has particular expertise in advising and litigating in relation to State activities (in particular: invitations to tender, structuring and drafting of groups of contracts, sovereign immunity law).

- State debt: The firm assists its clients in the management of State debt, whether bilateral or multilateral, public or private, bank or bond, including cases when the occurrence of a default or a risk of default requires restructuring the debt.

- International legal regimes: The firm advises its clients on the extraterritorial reach of certain national norms, and on sanctions regimes, embargoes, and asset freezes.

- Strategic advice: The firm provides its clients with strategic analysis tools for international contractual arrangements, investment structuring, the legal dimension of major changes taking place in the context of globalization, and the institutional environment of their projects.

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Wednesday 29 March 2023
09:30 - 12:00
09:30 - 12:00
The Rise of the Sunset Clause
Audit Duprey Fekl #Investment arbitration #Public International Law
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