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Room 403, 4th Floor, West Wing Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street Central
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eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre (eBRAM) is an arbitration and mediation institution combined with online dispute resolution (ODR) and LawTech facilities. Our objective in providing this integrated service is to leverage new technologies to make dispute resolution more accessible to disputants. Our ODR facilities are designed to reduce the overhead in the management of cases and the friction caused by traditional administrative procedures. We hope that this frees disputants to put more of their focus on resolving their actual disputes, rather than spending energy disputing over the technical aspects of how to run their case.

The eBRAM online mediation and arbitration platforms are used in all eBRAM administered cases and available to ad hoc mediations and arbitrations.

eBRAM is also one of the qualified institutions under the HK-China Arrangement concerning mutual assistance in Court-ordered Interim Measures in aid of arbitral proceedings by the Courts of the Mainland.

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Wednesday 29 March 2023
10:30 - 12:00
10:30 - 12:00
Digitalising ADR
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